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Recent polls show us that the consumer is becoming more familiar and comfortable with e-commerce.

  • The quantity of holiday and travel products sourced from the Internet is expanding rapidly.
  • Surveys show that people are increasingly willing to use the Internet as their first source in seeking to procure significant savings on accommodation and holiday products.
  • Travel is currently ranked the second largest growth industry and is expected to continue its expansion into the foreseeable future.

World Travel International specialises in providing superior quality accommodation throughout the world, with a special emphasis on South African properties, at very affordable rates exclusively available to its private Member base. Our research indicates that the majority of Members prefer to take their holidays within South Africa because of the reduced travelling times. Our prime directive is progressive expansion into Europe and beyond to secure and consolidate holiday accommodation of the required standard for our Members.

The available accommodation is listed on this innovative and user-friendly web site. Members can access our inventory worldwide, examine individual resorts in detail and reserve accommodation via an on-line request to our Reservations Department.

World Travel International pledges to continue to expand and consolidate its accommodation register through long-term leasing and entitlement contracts with selected high quality providers to fulfil the needs of our Members.

This web site is currently operational as a work in progress and will be continually updated by a dedicated web development team to accurately reflect the inventory, services and products available to our Member base.

Our site will evolve progressively to meet the needs and expectations of our Affiliates and Members.


So whether your ideal vacation is a trip to the beach for a week of surf, sand, and sun; or a powder-filled excursion to a world-class ski resort, we have many different options for you to choose from. If you would rather spend a weekend on a golf course working on your swing with a professional instructor, that can be arranged as well. With renowned accommodations, incredible amenities, and warm hospitality including exceptional service, why wouldn't you join us? Given the pace of today's rat race, convenience is a must because it provides the ability to escape as often as your schedule allows. What will it be? One phone call to plan your next vacation or six phone calls. The choice is yours. Get your membership, and start saving time & money today!