1. Q. Where and when did this concept start?
  2. Q. Is WTISA linked to any Other Company?
  3. Q. Where is the Company Head Office based?
  4. Q. I know Timeshare and Holiday Points, what makes WTISA different?
  5. Q. What is the WTISA programme?
  6. Q. How does WTISA work?
  7. Q. Who may become a Member of WTISA?
  8. Q. How do I get information about the available resorts?
  9. Q. How far in advance must I make my reservation?
  10. Q. What if I do not have a computer or do not have the use of one?
  11. Q. Can I be confident that all participating resorts are of the required high standard?
  12. Q. Is there any limit on the number of people that can use the accommodation booking?
  13. Q. Are there any additional charges after I arrive at the resort?
  14. Q. Are there any extra maintenance costs, taxes or other fees payable after taking up Membership?
  15. Q. Can my WTISA reservation be transferred to a guest or family member?
  16. Q. Can my WTISA Membership be transferred to a friend or family member?
  17. Q. How will I receive confirmation of my holiday booking?
  18. Q. Do Resorts have specific check-in days?
  19. Q. Can we change our check-in once confirmed?
  20. Q. What if I want to request a destination that is not on the web site?
  21. Q. How long is my reservation period for?
  22. Q. How many holidays can I take each year?
  23. Q. What if I don't know how to use the Internet?
  24. Q. How long will it be before I can use my Membership?
  25. Q. Do I have to take my holiday in intervals of one week?
  26. Q. What is a Hot week and how does it work?
  27. Q. What is Hotel Condo?
  28. Q. What is Hotel Card?
  29. Q. What is Free Hotel Breaks?
  30. Q. Where can I holiday in South Africa?
  31. Q. Can I make a booking whilst I'm already on the road?
  32. Q. What if I don't want to use the Internet for Bookings?
  33. Q. What and how many resorts and hotels can you offer worldwide?
  34. Q. How many people can go with us?
  35. Q. Why do have I have to wait for 4 to 6 weeks for my login details?
  36. Q. Do you guarantee availability at all resorts at all times of the year?
  37. Q. What if we want to go to an area or resort that is not featured on your site?
  38. Q. Are all the properties listed on your site under WTISA's management?
  39. Q. Are linked websites under the control of WTISA?
  40. Q. Do you guarantee a fixed percentage discount on properties featured or linked to WTISA?
  41. Q. How does WTISA make their money?
  42. Q. Why do we have to pay an Annual Renewal Fee?
  43. Q. Can we sell our WTISA membership?
  44. Q. Can we leave our membership to our children?
  45. Q. How can make use of our membership?
  46. Q. How do I use the WTISA website?